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Our Business Development Manager
Published by:Hannah Alexander on 24 May 2021

New Business Development Manger

Hayley Everson joined us in March as our Business Development Manager, she is currently based in the South African office. We wanted to introduce Hayley to you and let you get to know her better as chances are- she is your main account manager!   



Hayley has been in the South African steel industry for 27 years- she began as an assistant trader to the South American steel supply sector at a small trading house. Once she became comfortable in her role and got the hang of all the industry terms, she then progressed to a British steel trading company- and from there, her portfolio grew and grew to include general steel items. Over her years’ experience, Hayley gradually shifted to working in the East and West African markets to supply all steel-related items.

In 2017 Hayley decided to have a career break, a sabbatical, for 9 months Hayley rested and travelled and then returned to work at a primary steel fabricator as Export Trader/Administrator, managing a department to grow the business base. 2 years later she now finds herself with us at Global Steel Exports. When asked to reflect on her career she said, “my personal experience has spanned across 27 years with personal exposure to approximately 40 countries worldwide…and still reaching for the stars!”

In her spare time, Hayley enjoys reading biographies and accounts about the lives of the mostly, unsung heroes, men and women who shaped history but stayed under the radar. Ones who overcame adversity and triumphed in their life goals. She also enjoys gardening, retail therapy (who doesn’t?), and hanging out with her friends. 

Hayley is looking forward to growing and expanding GSE into different sectors as she sees us having a lot of potential for future endeavours. In the future she believes our industry will move towards e-business sales portals, with automated stockholding systems and warehousing; and when asked specifically about steel she noted “With constant advances in material development technology, the probability of a new material, to replace steel, with an enhanced green footprint and mechanical properties is highly likely.” A key factor that has resulted in Hayley’s success in our industry has been her perseverance, communication skills, and eloquence, the ability to able to bring an idea across in an understandable format and sell it.

Hayley advises anyone who is looking to join our industry to stay flexible and stay teachable. “you will never know everything about the product, the customer, or the market. You win some and you lose some. Don’t lose the dream in the details!”

Here at GSE, we are confident Hayley will bring value to you and help you get the most out of our products and services. Hayley will be based in South Africa and will be an integral part of our team as we continue to expand and grow. If you have any questions or enquiries please send them to Hayley at

Thank you for taking the time to read about Hayley and we look forward to hearing from you.

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