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About Us

Our Story

Global Steel Exports (GSE) was founded in 2016, in London England. We formed GSE with the aim to source international procurement for remote mining and Oil & Gas projects. Now GSE has bases in both the UK and SA and over the years our company has earned a reputation for excellence and rectitude; with constant attention on striving to do better.

our vision

At Global Steel Exports our customers receive a responsive and competitive service for all requests, from supplying single item orders to large contracts. Our global presence ensures goods are sourced in the most cost-effective way to offer value and maximise savings for our clients.

our policies

Global Steel Exports strives to operate fairly, responsibly, and progressively at all times and we work hard to maintain our corporate reputation as a socially responsible company.

our partners

At Global Steel Exports, we know the importance of strategic global partnerships to ensure we have the most effective sourcing power. These partnerships give us key relationships in countries around the world meaning better cost savings passed onto you.