At GSE we offer a wide range of service to cater to your steel requirements which include...

Bespoke Cutting

Waterjet: Abrasive waterjets are highly suitable for all types of metal cutting.

Laser: Laser cutting is ideal for precision cutting.

Flame: Precision flame cutting with a tolerance of + / - 1 to 3MM.

Plate rolling

Plate is fed through set rollers to achieve required curvatures

Shot Blasting


  • Abrasive blast cleaning,
  • Steel grit blasting and
  • Glass bead Blasting.

Cleanliness after shot blasting: SA2.5 as per ISO 8501-1 or SIS055900

Primer Painting

Using Epoxy Primer, Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer or Zinc Rich Ethyl Silicate Primer.

Thickness of Film 15 to 30 Microns ( Dependent on the type of paint used )

Galvanising and Powder Coating

Hot Dip Galvanising to BS EN ISO 1461

Powder Coating to BS EN 13438 and BS EN 15773

Coil Slitting

Processing coil from 0.3mm to 6.0mm thick. Slit widths from 25mm to 1830mm

Cutting to required lengths.

Pipe Bending

Offering a bending capacity from pipe 2” to 30” O.D. with a bend radius starting at 3D.


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